Meta Quest Pro

Meta Quest Pro is the latest entry in Meta new high-end line of XR devices, and it’s packed with high innovative options like high-res sensors for strong mixed clear reality experiences, crisp LCD displays for sharp clear visuals, a totally new and sleeker style with comfort, and eye tracking and Natural Facial Expressions to assist your avatar to mimic you a in VR.

Meta Quest Pro Pricing:

Meta Quest Pro will be begins shipping October 25 2022 for $1500 ( $1499.99 USD to be precise), which will includes the headset, Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers, stylus, light blockers, and a charging dock in the package.  Quest Pro is 4 times the price of Meta’s current Quest 2 headset, which starts at $399. So it looks targeting and moving toward businesses side and think about architects and designers with deep pockets and targeting some creative and die-hard VR users.

Eye and Face tracking:

Meta Quest Pro takes different approach from the previous Quest 2. Meta took the battery out from the front main body of the headset and curved it to move it behind the headset back. So we might need to get comfortable with these changes at the start as its bit different from previous headsets. Now it has more new sensors to track where you gaze and whether check your sneer, smile, frown, or raise an eyebrow in a very efficient way but we have option to turn on/off these settings. Meta is also launching new games and apps that are fully utilizing the quest pro at its full power.

Quest Pro Hardware and other Cool Specs:

  • Powered by the brand-new Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 1 chipset
  • New image processing pipeline that achieves less than 10ms latency
  • Unlocking full-color video passthrough for mixed reality (MR)
  • Supports 8K 60fps 360-degree video
  • Head, hand, and controller tracking
  • 3D reconstruction and automatic room mapping
  • 12GB of RAM
  • 256GB of storage
  • New 10 high-resolution sensors
  • 30% improved thermal performance
  • 50% higher sustained power compared to the previous generation
  • Controllers are powered by the Snapdragon 662 which allows high tracking
  • 37% more pixels per inch than Meta Quest 2

Overall its slimmest and most balanced VR headset yet but there are not much games and apps for this headset.

Meta Horizon Worlds Metaverse:

Meta is heavily focus on metaverse and will bridge VR headsets, phones, laptops and desktops, and even devices that don’t exist yet. Showed off work to bring Meta Horizon Worlds to other platforms as well, so you can seamlessly hang out in VR and other XR device. Meta also making it easier than ever to build for Worlds and normal application and business use case towards digital So it’s easy to have to build everything in VR.

VR Apps:

One Meta event there was talk about virtual reality apps during the event and some of which have proved to be very profitable for app developers, like the VR version of the popular Resident Evil 4 and which earned $2m in revenue only in its first 24 hours of launch and that’s new change in vr app market. More new VR gaming announced like Iron Man and Among Us and an upcoming partnership with Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming and its can be great next step.

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