AR Dart Game
AR Dart is an Augmented Reality game in which players throw small missiles, also known as darts, at a circular target, known as a “dartboard” and these AR techniques can be utilized in your project.

We are using Unity game engine Augmented Reality(AR) capabilities with AR Foundation to develop this game. AR Techniques used in this project can be utilized in any of your projects. So you can develop your own AR idea in an easy way.

These are few highlights that are covered in this project.

  • Adding Visuals to detected Surface
  • Restrict Scan only to Vertical Area
  • Changing or beautifying the surface detection scanning visuals
  • Create a Placement Indicator
  • Place a Dartboard on the Wall
  • Restrict to Place a Single Dartboard
  • Disable Marker and Surface Detection after placing Dartboard
  • Instantiate a Dartboard and Throw a Dart and Load Next Dart
  • Dart Stick to Dartboard using Colliders
  • Show Player Distance From Dartboard in Real Time
  • Sound Integration

Note: If you are new to Augmented Reality. User Guide is provided in documentation folder to setup this project and test on device.

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