After the launch of new iPad mini 6, Apple have reminded all the Apple developers to update their apps for iPad mini edge-to-edge 8.3-inch Liquid Retina display. Due the change in size some apps are not taking the advantage and running in full screen and they have black borders at edges.

As per the post on Apple Official website most of the apps that are using Auto Layout enabled should be working fine and for the other apps developers need to recompile their apps with latest Xcode 13 to make their apps fully compatible with latest iPad Mini 6. So its recommended developers should check their apps at-least once to make sure the are using full screen of iPad Mini 6.

As we recently announced, the new iPad mini introduces a new screen resolution and aspect ratio with an edge-to-edge 8.3-inch Liquid Retina display, enabling even more immersive app and game experiences. If you’re following best practices with Auto Layout and size classes, your app’s interface will dynamically adapt to the new dimensions.
However, if you’ve added UIRequiresFullScreen=YES to your app’s Info.plist in order to keep your app full screen during multitasking, you’ll need to recompile with Xcode 13 and the SDK for iPadOS 15 to take advantage of the full screen size. Test and submit your updated app in App Store Connect today.
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According to email apps that include UIRequiresFullScreen = YES in their Info.plist to keep UI in full screen during multitasking must be updated with Xcode 13 and the SDK for iPadOS 15 to take advantage of iPad mini’s 6 full screen size, Apple says.

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