Open AR Platform

Soon Pokemon GO creator Niantic’s Lightship visual positioning system will work with Snapdragon Spaces as both companies are working together. It will be open AR platform that will works across multiple devices like phones and AR headsets.

Digital creations and experiences can be placed in the physical world in a magical yet believable way with interaction. Take a look on Niantic and Qualcomm showcases demo of their vision. Niantic vision is creating a map that will let developers anchor digital content to the physical world.

Niantic Lightship

Lightship provides the tools to create innovative, real-world Augmented Reality experiences that inspire and impact movement and encourage exploration in the physical open space. It enabling developers to merge AR content with the real physical world including world-mapping, semantic segmentation, and shared AR feature sets.

AR Experiences with Lightship ARDK

Easily merge the physical and digital assets with the same AR and mapping tools used to power few of Niantic popular games like Pokemon GO. Using Lightship ARDK, you can now access depth sensing, occlusion, semantic segmentation, and Visual Positioning System to anchor and accurately place your digital content in physical spaces to even have shared experiences.



Image/Video Credit: Niantic, Inc.

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