You are having missing framework or missing file issue while making unity iOS Xcode build or you are getting error iOS framework addition failed due to cocoaPods installation failure in unity using M1 Chip Macs then keep reading as in this post, I will be showing you solution to that. These type of issues can be generated by adding 3rd party sdks in unity and cocoaPods is not properly working with unity on your machine.

When we create Xcode project in unity to make a iOS build, Unity create a Pod file with xcode project and that Pod file have the information of required frameworks for your project to function properly. When cocoaPods have issue it will not automatically installed that required frameworks and due to that you get issues in Xcode while making build.

[emaillocker] We will be using terminal to manually runs cocoaPods commands to download and installed additional frameworks required for your project. First you need to open terminal at folder location of your Xcode project. You can simply goto folder location right click on folder and at the bottom you will find “New Terminal at folder” click on it to open terminal at that same location.[/emaillocker]

Now write this command on your terminal arch -x86_64 pod install and hit return (enter) key. It will download and installed all the required missing frameworks. While using this commands for the first time it may take long time so be patience and don’t close the terminal. Once you have executed you first commands successfully next time it will install in few seconds. Incase you are still having issue with cocoaPods then you can try these two commands one by one, first sudo arch -x86_64 gem install ffi and after that write arch -x86_64 pod install

Once your command runs successfully cocoaPods will create additional files in your Xcode project and this time you will be creating build using .xcworkspace file instead of .xcodeproj and now create your build hopefully you will have successful build this time. I hope this post provides you information and help regarding the issue.

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